The Gallery at RMZ Ecoworld captures the imagination of art lovers and artists from all over the country and beyond. The aim is to create and expand national and international alliances with artists globally and to take contemporary art in all forms to a greater audience through exhibitions, publishing, education and community engagement.

Facets of accentuate art

The Foundation will focus on creating innovative platforms for art as a part of its social responsibility program, while hosting high profile events that will aid in supporting essential programs focused towards inclusive growth and progress.

Accentuate Art seeks to inspire, move and connect people, creating a feeling of harmony within the community by harnessing the power of art, through its three primary focus areas.

Promoting Contemporary Art

The goal is to educate the community and to understand its effect on economic, social and cultural change. Through the ownership of a vast and diverse art collection, Accentuate Art seeks to integrate art into the work environment, creating a unique identity with a vision to bring together a collection of the most riveting works of art from around the world.

The intent is to highlight the most significant contemporary artists by promoting their works and creating a unique experience for art lovers.


The gallery space will be at the centre of the educational component enabling access for art enthusiasts to obtain further information about the artists, the artworks and the foundation. This initiative promotes curatorial programs and encourages social media engagements.

Outreach Programs

This initiative focuses on building interdisciplinary partnerships with schools, groups, and people with special needs in order to provide art enrichment activities , field-trips and the opportunity to expand the awareness of art and its appreciation in our community and worldwide. These programs are developed with the intent of giving back to the society through art.