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Where art interacts with architecture

At the Art Centre, the broad strategic objective is to create and expand international cultural alliances, making art accessible to broader audiences. We believe that the boldest thing about contemporary art is found precisely where the limits that once separated the different disciplines tend to become hazy: where the arts encounter design, architecture and new technologies. Our program aims to stand out for its experimentalism, internationalism and dynamism: a space without restrictions for a bold, free art that looks to the future.



A 500+ seater amphitheatre is a prominent feature of The Bay in RMZ Ecoworld. The space may be used for a performance, entertainment events, promotional activities and small do’s. It is built to support stage lighting, sound and audio-visual systems, a loading area access and backstage for performers. The Atrium of the foyer can be used in conjunction with the amphitheatre for a pre-event or pre-function area.

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Keeping up with our commitment to build a happy community, RMZ curates niche events, symposiums & workshops that pique the interests of all our members.