The luxury of leisure

Introducing Ecoworld 30/31/32

A day at work doesn’t always have to be about work. In today’s busy daily schedules, we sometimes have to remind ourselves to take a step back and live a little. Imagine how much easier it would be to take a quick break from work to refresh the mind, if the workplace itself gave you the opportunity to enjoy a moment of leisure. With a diverse range of premium retail outlets, restaurants and various avenues for recreation, Campus 30/31/32 presents the ideal urban centre just a short walk from your office, redefining convenience and our perceptions about what a workplace can be.


Total Area
15.72 acres

Leasable Area
2.29 million sq ft

Landscaped Area
0.4 million sq ft


Verdant spaces

When you’re done with the shopping and dining, you can take a relaxing walk on the picturesque pathways around the lake, surrounded by soothing greenery and a lake buffer that provides a host of choices for those with active lifestyles, while a natural rain water harvesting pond creates a harmonious vibe that resonates with the vision of sustainability.

The blocks are arranged so that the common green space overlooks the lake and the difference in height allows for exciting possibilities like a stepped amphitheatre.

Moments to savour

With a skywalk connecting the campus to The Bay, you can always treat your taste buds to something special. Cuisines from around the world and a mouth-watering variety of fine dining and fast food options ensure that the foodie in you will be spoilt for choice.