RMZ Ecoworld architecture is crafted to inspire, engage, experience and produce. It is designed for long-term positive visual, experiential and psychological impact for people working and visiting, stimulated by a sense of being energetically alive in an atmosphere of newness, freshness and creativity.

RMZ Corp’s philosophy is to develop business parks that are environmentally sustainable and responsive to global concerns and yet address the essential needs of the business community.


DP Architects, Singapore

RMZ Ecoworld is designed by DP Architects - one of the largest architectural firm in Singapore, known for its excellence in projects like Esplanade Theatre, Singapore Sports Hub, Dubai Mall, Vivo city and many more.


RMZ Ecoworld’s Glass-and-Green design creates an overwhelming lightness and visual compatibility between outdoors and indoors. The sensorial experience is heightened by vast horizontal spaces, reflective and graphical architectural features and breathtaking impact of scale from the eye-level perspective.


The entry experience at lobbies is of a Contemporary minimalist design, that makes the sensorial impact of Grandeur. The indoor landscaping, flooded by natural light, radiates energy and the scale drives a sense dynamism to the interiors.


The Central core design increases energy efficiency by maximising natural light into the buildings. Elevator banks and Service facilities located centrally make for effective space planning. Vast floor plates enveloped in glass, stretch out from the Central Core of the towers to facilitate 360° views from within the office space.


The office buildings are approached through a majestic The Park Avenue Driveway skirting a natural lake. This creates a tremendous sense of anticipation complemented by the grandeur of the Central Arena of RMZ Ecoworld. The building lobbies take the experience forward with Contemporary Minimalistic interiors and gleaming finishes. Amidst all the glory and overwhelming features, RMZ Ecoworld Campuses is friendly to Specially-abled people for use and access.