“The concept of Aire is to communicate the essence of sustainable architecture through an iconic living art structure”

A place for experimentations, this is a unique sustainable space that will be offered for specific projects related to Art, Architecture and Photography and will house exhibitions throughout the year. The photo story, our fist exhibit is an example of the types of exhibits we will host. There will be a minimum of 2 architecture exhibitions, 1 photography exhibition and 1 art exhibition (visual) throughout the year.

Green Planters

25200 plants make Aire a structure that is truly one with nature. The exterior houses green planter cells, while the interior contains specific plant species carefully selected to enhance the process of purifying the air. The four sides of the green façade resonates with the changing seasons (Summer, Monsoon, Winter & Spring), capturing the unique essence of each, through centre panels adorned with seasonal plants, which change every season.

Mechanized Pergola

An adjustable pergola, located at the top of the structure, facilitates natural ventilation, regulates internal temperature and provides protection from the elements.

Along with these key features, the use of Terracotta Flooring, the implementation of Chip Board Cladding for the interior, and Rain Screens to provide protection from the elements, help in transforming the vision for a sustainable living art structure into breathtaking reality.


  • The air quality index inside Aire is 99 (which is considered as good).
  • Energy generated per day (on an average) from solar panels placed above is 3.7 – 4 Units KWP/ day
  • Energy used per day from solar panels is about 3 KVA.

Minimal Carbon Footprint

17.1 KW of Solar Power
Generation Capacity

Made of 100% recyclable/
reusable biodegradable materials

Green Walls: 10% Cooler than Exposed Walls

Green Walls: Potentially cuts electricity bills by up to 20%

Recycled water for water bodies and to water plants

Green Walls made of Plants and Shrubbery to be Lung Space

Pergolas: For Natural Light and Ventilation

Autonomous completely Self Sustaining, O-Grid Building