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RMZ Ecoworld is a colossal architectural form to create the next level of work-leisure district in a bustling metropolis like Bangalore. A 77.8 acre land area with 12 Million sqft development of spectacular aesthetics catering to both SEZ and Non SEZ office spaces in a sustainable environment where natural and architectural forms are symbiotically integrated using responsible planning and precise engineering.


Breaking new ground

In the next 5 years, 40% of the world’s fortune 500 companies will cease to exist in their current avatar. This is the era of disruption.


Future of space

28 Million sq.ft development since 2002
60 Million sq.ft assets under ownership by 2023

This is what we do. Our vision is to disrupt the way people view workplaces. RMZ brings to you the 'third space'. An interactive, collaborative space that allows you to bridge work and personal interests. We use the power of technology to build communities.

We are the future of space.

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We are making the future